PyOpenOffice 0.4 - The Document Tool (final Version)

The Usability of meeting the Power of XML Reporting Technologies - without installing OOo on your server

Caution: For time reasons I had to stop the development of this library. I am not able to give support anymore - sorry. For questions please consult the PyOpenOffice User Guide (see below) and the source code.

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Have a look at a reference implementation using PyOpenOffice: "Bezirksreiter" - open source software for church administration (member and donation tracking, accounting, reporting and statistics). Sorry - it's only available in German (who will help to port it to other languages?). Login as "Benutzername" = "Onkel_Otto" and "Passwort" = "12345".

This tool is dedicated to the developers of OpenOffice.orgPython, the Reportlab Toolkit, the Python Imaging Library and trml2pdf / trml2html. They did a great job and I admire them for their programming skills.


What is PyOpenOffice?

Will PyOpenOffice support the OpenDocument format of 2.0?

What can PyOpenOffice do for you? Here some examples:

At what stage of development is PyOpenOffice now?

What license has PyOpenOffice?

What software is required?

What are the principles behind PyOpenOffice?



Restrictions and Known Bugs

Release History

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